E220 : Introduction to Native American Literature

Spring 2011

Prof. Miriam Schacht
E-mail: schacht.uwo@gmail.com (preferred) or schachtm@uwosh.edu
Office: Radford 222
Office Hours: W 2-5 and by appointment



Course Description:

This course is an introduction to traditions and innovations in Native American literature through textual analysis and an examination of cultural and historical contexts. Because Native American writing has flourished in recent decades, our primary focus will be on contemporary literature; however, we may also read selections from earlier texts. We will explore how Native writers draw from a range of traditions, and how their works reflect histories of struggle both in style and content. Although written texts will form the core of the course, we will also consider other kinds of texts, including contemporary popular media, and their representations of Native peoples.

Required Texts:
Kathleen Tigerman, ed., Wisconsin Indian Literature
Thomas King (Cherokee), Truth and Bright Water
Craig Womack (Creek), Drowning in Fire
Eden Robinson (Haisla), Monkey Beach
Drew Hayden Taylor (Ojibwe), Motorcycles and Sweetgrass

**One of the following, depending on your presentation group:
Thomas King (writing as Hartley GoodWeather), DreadfulWater Shows Up
Drew Hayden Taylor, The Night Wanderer
Ignatia Broker (Ojibwe), Night Flying Woman
LeAnne Howe (Choctaw), Miko Kings
Stephen Graham Jones (Blackfeet), The Long Trial of Nolan Dugatti
Eddie Chuculate (Creek, Cherokee), Cheyenne Madonna

**Please note that you are responsible for obtaining a copy of this book. You may order it from the bookstore yourself, request it via Interlibrary Loan, or order it online, so plan accordingly!! Make sure to obtain a copy well in advance of your presentation. You will not get an extension for poor planning.

Note: If you are buying your books online, try using the metasearch engine www.bigwords.com to save money and timeā€”it searches multiple online bookstores for the books you want and give you the best prices (it allows you to search for a combination of books and includes shipping costs, and really will save you time).

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